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The large volume of orders and unpredictable sales fluctuation present big challenges for the picking efficiency and accuracy for apparel companies.
Geek+ provides flexible logistics solutions for apparel brands and distributors operating online and offline, including full-process solutions, helping businesses solve pain points.

  • Industry Challenge

    Fast delivery requirements

    High order volume

    Large SKUs

    Solution 1

    Goods-to-person More

    Allows continuous picking through intelligent order grouping

    Ensure super efficient use of warehouse space with ultra-high shelves and high-density storage

    Technology enables intelligent tallying, and automatic ABC partitioning of shelves

    Solution 2

    Combined Picking + Sorting More

    Flexible layout and number of robots

    Highly efficient matrix with dynamic grid allocation

    Intelligent monitoring of whole process to guarantee picking accuracy

    Intelligent sorting + moving

  • Industry Challenge

    Large and difficult-to-predict fluctuations in business

    Accurate order delivery

    Large SKUs with low inventory

    Solution 1

    Goods-to-person More

    Efficient use of warehouse space with intelligent management of storage spaces and high-density storage

    Intelligent group order strategy improves picking rate without wave strategy

    Supports storage of multiple categories of goods in same racks and pallets

    Solution 2

    Bin-to-person More

    Robot-operated multi-level steel platform

    Robots can easily be added or removed during and after peak

    Intelligent monitoring of whole process without interruption due to peak

    Intelligent picking + moving

  • Industry Challenge

    Numerous product returns

    Difficult to sort and process

    High error rates

    Solution 1

    Goods-to-person More

    Random putaway allow for flexible cargo location, reduce picking difficulties, and increase second-sale opportunities

    Technology enables inventory analysis and intelligent tallying

    Intelligent monitoring of whole process to guarantee accuracy

    Solution 2

    Sorting More

    Flexible layout and number of robots

    Highly efficient matrix with dynamic grid allocation

    Intelligent monitoring of whole process to guarantee sorting accuracy

    Intelligent sorting + moving

  • Nike

    Pain Points: With a fast increasing sales of shoes and clothes in Japan, more and more warehouse operators have to walk long distances back and forth between the storage area and delivering area. Aging population has increased scarcity and cost of labor.
    Solution: Geek+ implemented 200 picking robots and 6000 set racks in Nike’s new warehouse, a 14000㎡ area in CHIBA in July 2019.

    200 pcs




    31 sets

    working station

  • Decathlon

    Pain Points: With the rapid growth of Decathlon’s e-commerce business and massive SKUs, manual picking is not efficient enough.
    Solution: Geek+ provides innovative warehousing solutions for Decathlon’s massive Kunshan warehouse. Combined with RFID technology, picking efficiency and accuracy has even more significantly improved.

    40000pieces / day

    shipment capacity

    300pieces / hour

    picking efficiency

  • Bosideng

    Pain Points: In-store sales are growing rapidly, and manual picking has become a bottleneck. Forklift quantity is overly large, resulting in high costs, and personnel management is difficult. Automation rate is low, operation error rate is high.
    Solution: Provide an innovative storage solution for the warehouse operation of the Bosideng warehouse.

    3500pieces / hour

    delivery capacity