Intelligent • Flexible • Lean

The current automotive manufacturing line is not flexible enough to adapt to rapid market changes. The traditional material handling system is labor-intensive with potential risks of mixed man-machine operation.
Geek + provides professional supply chain consulting and robot solutions to build an intelligent and flexible manufacturing and logistics system for automobile and auto-parts businesses.

  • Industry Challenge

    Vendor-managed inventory in factory environment

    Low accuracy on inventory data

    High risk of production line shutdown


    Goods-to-person More

    Geek+ Smart Picking system is used in factory storage, manufacturing supermarket, and VMI to ensure accurate and transparent inventory data

    Real-time inventory management provides least risks for production shutdown

    Standardized picking is easy to use, increases work efficiency, and reduces labor and management costs

    Technology enables intelligent tallying, dynamic storage locations, and high-density storage

  • Industry Challenge

    Traditional material moving requires a large number of warehouse personnel

    Low operating efficiency

    Potential safety hazards due to mixed man-machine operation


    Moving More

    Geek+ Moving system achieves unmanned payload delivery

    AI algorithms enable large-scale delivery scheduling, efficiency improvements, and safe operations.

  • Industry Challenge

    Inflexible manufacturing line incapable of adapting to rapidly changing market conditions


    Smart Factory More

    Geek+ builds a flexible manufacturing system with smart robot technology, which can meet future operational needs and market demands

    Adjustable production lines shorten deployment time and investment, solve process limit, and decrease losses caused by production line shutdown

    Robots can easily be added or removed based on production capacity requirements

  • Yanfeng

    Pain points: Labor costs are rising year by year. It is increasingly difficult for logistics to meet high-frequency production needs
    Safety and unable to conduct WIP inventory management and data traceability.
    Solution: Geek+ provides Yanfeng with P800 for picking and handling and introduces a self-developed inventory process management system.


    production tempo

    60 cars / hour

    feeding flow rate