Innovative Full-process Flexible Manufacturing

The traditional logistics systems of manufacturers are inflexible to change production lines and production capacity. Low efficiency and insufficient storage area also hinder the business growth.
Geek+ offers smart logistic solutions for factories to improve automation, intelligence and flexibility while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

  • Industry Challenge

    Multiple SKU categories

    Low warehouse operational efficiency

    Lack of space


    Smart Warehouse More

    Geek+ Smart Warehouse delivers multiple logistics processes including materials receipt, quality inspection, warehousing, and picking to create unmanned operation

    Bin-to-person system can be applied in quality inspection and multi-layer shelving, lowering labor cost

    Bin-to-person system can increase picking efficiency, enhance spatial utilization, and ensure the accuracy inventory data

    Supports integrated applications with automation equipment such as robot palletizer, and stereoscopic warehouse

  • Industry Challenge

    Insufficient warehouse space near production line

    Small logistics channels

    Labor waste for secondary sorting

    High error rate


    Moving More

    Quickly adjust layout, switch logistics circulation, adapt product changes

    Achieve unmanned distribution with robots, define routes depending on products and ensure accurate materials distribution when modifying production lines

    Dense storage, automatic tallying, avoid broken production line while ensuring high space utilization rate

    Reduce work-in-process inventory, quickly adjust distribution frequency in response to market changes

  • Industry Challenge

    Large losses caused by changes in production line

    Inflexible production capacity

    Labor costs associated with testing and assembly


    Smart Factory More

    Flexible and intelligent production system supports large-scale operation that’s highly customizable and efficient

    Integrate with various ERP, MES, OMS and other production and order systems to achieve transparent and traceable production process

    Independent processes enables quick changes to layout, production capacity, and product to minimize downtime.

  • Dell

    Pain points: The layout of the Dell warehouse is very compact, and the usage rate of the storage area is very high, which increases the difficulty of manual selection.
    Solution: Based on the principles of high efficiency, stability, and agility, Dell chose Geek+ to help upgrade the warehouse.


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