Perceptive • Clever • Sleek
  • P Series Picking Robots

    Geek+ multiple-model picking robots, with their maximum load of 1200kg and their ability to reduce 50-70% of manual labor and increase picking accuracy to 99.99%, is the preferred choice for businesses looking to reduce cost and raise efficiency in their warehouses.

  • S Series Sorting Robots

    Geek+ sorting robots are highly efficient, automated and flexible, achieving nearly 10 times the efficiency of traditional sorting systems; their multi-sensor safety obstacle avoidance features also ensure the safety of on-site implementation.

  • C Series Robots

    Geek+ C- Series robots can improve picking efficiency by 2 to 3 times on average and they are flexible in their implementation, allowing for the desired addition or removal of robots according to customer requirements; they require little to no modification to project site and boast a short ROI cycle.

  • M Series Moving Robots

    Geek+ M-Series moving robots have a maximum carrying load of 1000kg, and are supported by laser SLAM, QR code navigation and other navigation methods to ensure smooth, accurate and safe robot operations.

  • F Series Forklift Robots

    Geek+ Smart Forklift Robots save up to 50-80% in manpower costs and are fully functional even in temperatures of negative 10 to 40 degrees; they have an average run time of 6-8 hours and are supported by safety LiDAR and 3D visualization to enable obstacle detection, achieving high safety standards.

  • A Series Collaborative Picking Robots

    The collaborative picking robot can reduce the picking path distance and increase picking efficiency and accuracy, saving manpower by 30%-50%. With SLAM navigation, the robot is safe, flexible and man-robot collaborative.